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Trusting the Universe Reflecting back our Love

Trusting the Universe Reflecting back our Love

My God it’s Alive!
Harmonise with nature ~ Planet Earth is our Oyster!
Trees are Oxygen giving life to Humans
Humans reflecting back Consciousness.
It’s true if you want to believe it ~
People don’t see beyond the ‘Object’
As a ‘Subject’ of Universal Space.
Here I Am as its expression ~ Gaia Fire Power.
Relating to situations as if it is My life, ‘Object’
The person you see is an Illusion, Ego, fractal,
Self Identified Mental-state ~ ‘Me in the head!’
Causes all the wars, problems, selfish f… ignorance.
Losing sight of the whole picture, ‘Universal Subject’
The key in Life, the Amazing thing is it’s Not Me ~
Let the Light Shine through coming from the Still
Space of Unconditional Love.