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Seeking for the Spirit when you are the Spirit

Seeking for the Spirit when you are the Spirit

My Exquisite Muse
Sometimes just gotta swallow it, just not worth the aggravation.
Playing, cat & mouse with you brilliantly. She’s Queen Mandy.
ADHD & full on MDMA; K line, alluring meow meow, THC.
Which bewitching path are you leading me down twinkling fairy?
Imaginary being ~ Shiva Valley Carnival, trancing cornucopia.
She’s wide Open, “I’m having a great time ~ hope you are too!”
Wild spirit engulfing your heart in flames, burning burning light!
Dosed me up again fucked up blinded by her dazzling brightness
You get to the top she lets you fall into her immediate distraction
She’s free sky diving ~ you’re drawing lines in a sexy whirlwind!
Full on floaty ~ “You don’t wanna be dragged around by her!”
Makes you feel Supernatural ~ connection, gotta know yourself.
She’s a gorgeous, pert invitee from the Lemon drop Tribe