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Your Free Choice

Your Free Choice

My darling who invites the spirits if they wish
to enjoy the strawberries and desert figs ~
so your caravan will glide to Kilimanjaro to
sing there and perform Kabuki for your Lord.
My darling
Ambrosia is the sweet juice
on your lips ~ wet
and between your legs,
Spirits at your side
desire so much your blossom
as a bee cherishes the perfume
of the sweetest flower
Subtle are their extractions
as they enter the soft petals
Inside they wish your sparkle
but today your colour has fallen pale
and your eyes gleam less.
The dazzle of your movements is slowly, my darling
who has yet to sail by felucca down the Nile and to
meditate in quiet under the pinkest trees of mount Fuji.
My darling whose perfume will scent
the nature of many delicate impressions.
Now your sweetest strength of life
is needed to fountain many loves
and to warm erogenous twinkles
as you do now my heart and pupils.
Spirits fall as leaves to allow ~
the spring and summer of your sailing.
The bluest Oceans will yet see ~ your caravan
pass in wildest colour ~ to the golden dunes.
Spirits sit and drink with me ~ at the oasis
Purple nomads will feed us dates ~
Strength for the star route
The throne of the Universe
is camouflaged on Earth
and has the name of