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Depressed they're not getting what they want

Depressed they’re not getting what they want

Molten Lava
“God wills what will happen or not happens”
Healthier is Happier;
High Vibration
Harmony ~ In tune, on the Shiva moon.
He was negative & depressed
needing healing on the beach in Goa
My head’s so sweet
Right in my face embracing the Imperfections
“Ask not what your Planet can do for you
Ask what you can do for your Planet”
‘Mother Nature’s gift of life’
Took 7 years of Research ~
to discover ‘Derma Genesis’ at L’Oreal.
“You’re definitely Not worth it to her!”
Electronic footprint ‘hard stop’ on your chest/brain.
Living in a culture, society, system, country, family
of Permanent domestic violence, sleeping with insane
clenched fists and a media’s frenzy, in your home town.
Living beyond those rules, regs, controls, morals, laws.
We’re being spied on, tracked CCTV, data monitored.
Global small cameras put in walls (inside false eyelashes)
Biometrics, Irises’ recognition of your loss of privacy,
“If you got nothing to hide you got nothing to worry about
Where did I hear that before, Crown Prosecution Service?
SO19 Special Police firearms Unit, claimed self defence
they shot 7 times an unarmed innocent Man, by mistake!
Independent Police Complaints Commission forced no
Unrequited neurotic, a super egoist in denial; Exact!
‘Lost’ Gone forever, your heart Wants to Scream & Scream!