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 Moksha Motel
It is You ~ Life Itself ~ ONE IS FORMLESS.
Symbols, Soap Operas, Backup Baba.
Colour Blast “They haven’t got the right God!”
Representation ~ Life is all in the creativity.
God is Life Eternal not talking Disney characters.
Not the Mickey Mouse myth, don’t get more confused!
They get lost in the finger pointing ~ it’s not in the representation of it,
believing your finger is the Moon ~ only Your self can go to the Moon.
A dog looking at the Master when he’s already thrown the stick!
Absence of the Sun light ~ we’ve turned away from it!
Manic Massage, ‘Church’ ~ ‘The blind leading the blind’
“I’d have Venus ~ evoking her from a fountain of bliss”
In the dark you need a light to see