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Paradise Pharmacy

Paradise Pharmacy

Medieval Mecca in the 21st Century?
‘Rainbow Hotel’ ‘Paradise Ayurvedic Pharmacy’
Many many little steps ~ to Consciousness!
“Hey, I’m waiting a baby from you”
“What is your name?” Super Ego
The ‘Hitler Lock’ on the Computer.
Friendship ~ no separation, Open Internet
Don’t eat me, eat yourself
transformation ~ of the water
Crystals giving the information.
Silver for protection, gold to Shine out
We’re all waiting for the next level ~
‘My electrode’s a little thinner than his’
Allowance Process, brings you back to nature.
To allow yourself to be in the current
No Judgments ‘Straight In’ ~ flowing
How do you react on a Roller coaster?
Screaming ~ surrender to its laughter.
Open up your heart ~ so strong, direct.
Mystical floating ~ Spiritual Dimension
Hungry for Life > ‘Inshallah’ < What’s it mean?