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Accept it All ~ Solar Orbit

Accept it All ~ Solar Orbit

Many Names for a Ticket to Ride’
Dossier found in a town on Mercury; throwing the Runes.
Invocation through pendulums & dancing Antigravity fields
Intuition makes Zen Sense all part of me ~ Self Awareness
:::: Put it on the Internet for Free, of course, no sensor.
Accepting it all.
The Right Recipe (Global warming as it is)
Distorted by Aliens, wanting to live in CO2 Consciousness!
Is it only Greed, only taken over by the ‘Absolute Power’?
It’s All true it’s only how you resonate with it ~
Acts of Devotion Made over a Lifetime; Devotion to Vishnu
even simple Gifts of berries offering from an ‘Untouchable’
Free To fly ~ given a pass through to the 4th dimension
“A guru says ‘My dear Sir, you are quite mistaken about yourself.
You are not the person you take yourself to be”