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Where your Attention goes that's where it's at

Where your Attention goes that’s where it’s at

Making Natural Connections
“I’m not looking for things, girls to complete myself” I AM now
I’m not interested going into Mind dramas, expectations, desires
Only interest to meet your body as a body open ready to fulfill me.
Don’t wanna meet your Mental, wanna meet your gorgeous Yoni.
One Mind meets another Mind ~ need for conflict arises.
The Human Mind makes a veil of Illusion,
trapped in the ‘Imagination’ * not in Reality of Imagination.
Letting 3D solid stuff flow ~ free sexy energy exchange.
Those powers are meant for healing ~ us
not for making Miss Universes into slaves.
In Thinking the Mind represses the heart body.
Do you want to groove if not get the fuck out!
Always fancied the gypsy with Raven black hair.
Tools to get to that point ~ of Non doing bliss.
Whatever you do totally ~ It’s a spirit prayer.
“Everything in the hands of the Divine inside”
‘Quality’ ~ ‘Awareness’ the secret ingredient.
Intention ~ Enchanted Attention. ‘Wild wind flower’