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Living in the Unknown is Freedom ~ Allowing Love to Live in us

Living in the Unknown is Freedom ~ Allowing Love to Live in us

Making a dummy Love Affair
Getting more out of the double Dutch trap.
Encouraging false belief in yourself again
No Ones telling us that we have the power!
Your Mind keeping you busy in the continuous unknown
Within manifestation is transmutation
‘Time engaging your Mind’
Liberation of the Mind from the Mind
On the same same wavelengths ~ frequencies
Knowing the Unknown, Intellect the ‘I’
Indescribable ‘Intuition’ is just a word.
Before the creation of my Mind I was that, less Mind.
Beyond the senses, you don’t have to go there, it’s in you.
It’s not remembered ~ completely fresh & present.
You can’t remember nothingness, Implies the Mind.
“The less you know the more you Understand”
Observer behind the veil through and through.
“I just Optimise everything for Maximum Power”
“Once they launch their Stealth bombers we’ll have no chance
The trees keep growing the flowers keep blooming, the birds keep
singing; no code to crack version, download, Unwind,
You’re still & the world is whirling about you ~
(186,000 miles /sec) transforming the same thread of Pearls.
Ego Creation Mould in the Medici chapel winter 1500 AD.
There is no Ego there is no mould they’re only hired assassins
You make concepts of everything including Your ‘Ego’
Manipulating the emotions in the theatre of Life & death.
They take your Plastic card, they take your breath away
Hard disc just expired. Didn’t have a fuckin’ back up!
“It could be You” The Alien Predator ‘You never know when’
Invisible energy is being cloned in Disney’s state of China by
Acupuncturing Shaolin Cyborgs in iridescent green shell suits.
Observing the Embodiment, manifestation of Shiva Shakti
In the melting snow fields of Tibet to the glaciers of Mars!