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In the spirit of freedom and sharing…you set the price…even Free.

There's a drop here if you want one ~

There’s a drop here if you want one ~

LSD Travels
Smack the rat, hit the bell and get the croc of gold!
You’ve got it ~ but it’s not to be. Hard Drive Defrag.
She was a barmaid at the Cotton Plantation, Livin’ in.
Met a City boy from the chequered Inner Sanctum!
It’s so simple but it’s in us ~ all we gotta do is Tap it!
And it excited her, her choice…to Enjoy.
If it makes your heart sing ~ It’s for You.
Stay with that, work with that, enjoy with that; All an Inside job
You either enjoy it or you don’t ~ to be or not to be UN/HAPPY.
If you feel that we have to put our foot down on the brake ~
then we go into a skid, try to Control it ~ monkey mind ambush!
“He’s havin’ pleasure in tellin’ me how little I was gonna receive!”
“You wouldn’t get bail if you were in a steel drum band!”