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Psychedelic Psyche

Psychedelic Psyche

‘Love is in the air’
Why give yourself a Hard time?
Polka dot mushrooms hard wired in the brain.
Impregnated in your caress; Let it grow & grow
Simple Minded dreamer by a river ~
Psychic Psychedelic * Psyche delicious Psy * chics ~
Irritation> healing Sensations of your sensuous Awareness
To make ‘Surreality’ not fruit salads of ananas banality.
They’re my teeth, why do you have to make a comment?
Living by the edge of a padi with roses & bougainvillea
“I’m here to Please, I’m your man” Enjoying everything.
Inquisition impulse, bring in the Converter. No Thank You.
Loving yourself, the images of that love being reflected.
Staying in the wave, because it’s raining a constant flow
You know how to die, Kundalini rising in a crystal Mirror.
I need a new thing, can you let the snake dance in trance?
I have to look through your eyes Making love on Tibetan rooftops
forgetting who you are