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You can fulfill your dreams in Goa

You can fulfill your dreams in Goa

‘Life is a breeze’..
pchingpchingpchingtao te
definitely an old soul
all you can do is pray
that your kids stay safe.
Jupiter is all about expansion
My time to fly ~
Had my Mercury in Sagittarius
My Venus sits in Scorpio
‘hot as fuck’ Planet
at my birth Scorpio rising.
No I’ll see you another day
Keeping It Real
Very emotional
Very Sentimental
Got a handle on it
Hanging onto the Moon
In the moment
Always hated the walls of a Stable
Tried to put me in a box
~ “I’ll kick it down”
I had to dance the energy
they’ll Stump it up
using their nogin
I’ve got them on the ‘op
Had me twitchin’
“He’s a Baba
For sure for sure for sure
we want the bollocks in little baby Bill
‘Mr. Delightful’
Do you think they got Cider in Goa
Or Skyrocketing Avatars off Xanax?