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Whistleblowing The Truth Will Set Us All Free

Whistleblowing The Truth Will Set Us All Free

Lest We All Forget ~ What Is Right & Wrong
Ref: Assange: The UK has under much criticism stuck to the
political/asylum refugees some from very dubious backgrounds
back to their home countries if it was shown their lives might
be endangered or they would be tortured. The case of General
Augusto Pinochet alleged Criminal Against Humanity being
released back to Chile on very uncertain health grounds also
shows that the UK government does what it wants and ab/uses
the definition of ‘The Law’ to justify its actions. However when
a genuine human rights campaigner is threatened with the same
outcome they’re happy to use this same ‘Law’ of the Inquisitor
to its maximum to suit its obviously fascist tendencies, national
interests by NOT guaranteeing that this Prisoner of Political
Conscience is not delivered into the hands of a hateful revenger.
Is this another case of hypocrisy for us all to see!? Bravo to the
Ecuadorian people and Government for standing up to these
Global Powers and to protect the rights of the people exposing
unjust and inhumane actions by secret governments and giving
us the information so we may ‘Know’ at their great personal risk.
This courage must be praised and supported by people around
the world who demand to be told the truth. Aung San Suu Kyi
said “One Political Prisoner of Conscience is one too many”.
We must show our support for the maxim; Democratic guarantee
Whistleblower: discloses information he or she believes evidences
violation of any law, rule or regulation. Gross mismanagement.
Gross waste of funds. An abuse of authority. A substantial and
specific danger to public health, safety. Contact www.OSG.GOV