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Trippy Shakti

Trippy Shakti

 Learning from our Discernment to it
“When did you realize that you fell out of loving me?”
“Why do we have such a bad impression of Duality?”
Now we’re out of that Power Game, fed with ‘blah, blah, ba, ba, ba’
Who is still manipulated by their negative frequencies? Say cheese!
Filling Your head with Non Stop, illusions of THINKING for this/that.
Which is fine up to a point ~ always remember the energetic spaces.
Trapped like a Rat on a Matrix WHEEL of THOUGHT but it’s all only
spiraling chiaroscuro energy ~ you are its dissociated Realisation.
‘Sat Chit Anand’ ~ other nice words to contemplate on; Try ‘Unity’
Made the wings out of wax and melted in the Sun.
“Year of the Tiger and I’m only a horse in a Vortex!”