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Psyche Active ~ 528 kilohertz the frequency of Love

Psyche Active ~ 528 kilohertz the frequency of Love

Le Sensorial Imagination ~ Enchantment & Inspiration.
Who Am I; A Human? Was he taking any Psyche active drugs?
Yes something Original; Taking a tablet of 365*, for the Brain!
Observing the Sub Conscious ~ Art showing Separate Realities
Your Self ~ seeing through Mirrors of Dream, Multi Identities.
Flying over snowy mountain peaks. Dancing with a green fairy.
Dreaming of an Aryan Goddess, beautiful naked female Queen.
Holding Sky bird cut – outs filled with azul space and reveries.
Mystic Owls flying through Landscapes of the Mind’s symbols.
Green apples, celestial nymphs, silhouettes, bowler hats, pipes,
abstract rainbows, silver spheres of Suprasense Consciousness.
Smiling to myself; Searching for Truth, on a bright, sunny day.
White clouds drifting over the calm, languid, aquamarine sea.
Feelings of Intuition, evoking ~ light beyond some far horizon.
Are these Representations Hallucinations, illusions, delusions?
Passing along cold, dark tunnel walls, by a grey stone balcony.
Framing a view into the Surreal distance out beyond ~ Infinity.
Aware of more energy fields becoming manifested! Spirituality.
Surprise, pictures unfolding ~Tarot of Psychology & Prophecy.
‘The Great Expectation, La Memoire, La Faith, Boundlessness.
Standing in a Circle of Clairvoyance, embracing a magic fish.
Visual language, Poetry, codes, hieroglyphics of the Irrational
understanding, not making any normal, formal sense of reality.
Psychedelic Mind playing in Creation ~ Extra Dimensionality.
‘Memory’ of a Voyage, the blank page suspending a full moon,
looking at distant houses, windows illuminated in the Twilight.
Heart wearing a violet mask interpreting spatial Timelessness.
All Paradox out of Context. Question, does it make you Think?
Searching for the Empire of the Absolute in a Gothic hologram.
Eggs in a nest, bright stars’ reflections in a still pond at night.
Trees bare of leaves standing alone witness to passing seasons.
Is it a nightmare ~ it’s a daydream, a trip into nature’s Soul…