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Quantum Dreamcake

Quantum Dreamcake

 Laundering ~ Leverage # Plunder
The Quasi Religious Ruling Oligarchies ~ Elitists of Capitalism.
Vatican Invested Mussolini’s blood money in a property portfolio!
Ponzi Scams rolled out as Holy proclamations at the High Altar.
Divinely ‘In Debt We Trust’; hypnotizing of the full congregation.
Feeding frenzy of Hyper Financial predators in the inner sanctum.
Reading out the Illusion, delusions spewing from the gold pulpit.
Speculative Conglomerate, rapacious Cryptocrats, Priest craft.
There is no honest regulator offering scrutiny to this fornication
of being ripped off, by your own Government and justice system.
Where were the auditors on Wall St. protecting us from Rogues?
The Rules that work for the Banksters, corruption to their core.
No due diligence, Investing in greed patterns of Economic Crime.
Hedge fund, insurance Real estate subprime mortgage gambling.
Fraudulent lending practices changing interest rates at a whim!
Let’s have another Plea bargain, fines for all the biggest banks.
Designing $100 billion loans, designed to fail! Faith in Moloch.
Deception built into the bricks of your home, property bubbles.
Crisis of oversight; Gave political contributions to hide the blight.
“All the monies have been made, now shredding the evidence.”
This is Racketeering on a Global scale and they are spinning it.
Democracy ‘land of the Free to bend the law to suit themselves.
HSBC, Barclays, Standard Chartered and Wall Street’s finest!!
Your Collateralised Number! Switched the Matrix from the Birth-
Certificate Fund! Controlling the whole population of your country.
Time to put in the new system of Love Programs into our Data bank.