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Spiked by the Dalek Lama

Spiked by the Dalek Lama

King of Poona Annexation
Sense of self steals devotion, No Attachment to Identification.
My eyes go back in my head, Mammals’ mating sexy fantas
Tearing up the rules. But we all need to eat ~
“Coming to grips with the slow death * Of the Planet”
The Moment of Truth ~ not Science Fiction, OK!
4% of pop. consuming 40% of Planet’s resources
The Empire of Liberty’ No thanks pardner
“I don’t want those Dalek things wandering about”
Loved Pure soul of cows, becoming sacred defeating Monsters.
Ego of the demon Ravenna ~ The Ego mentally constructed
You have to apply it to your own life ~ Aiming to Rama
Holding that position in themselves ~ through Devotion
Our soul repurifies ~ no ego * is freed * Enlightenment
Sita is the devotion you have for the heart