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There is Life after death ~ Surrendering my heart to Divine Bliss

There is Life after death ~ Surrendering my heart to Divine Bliss

Just have to be what I already am
His Guru said You are Love, the Life, the Truth & he believed him!!
Just explaining it to yourself essentially more & more Inside insight.
Quantum Hipsters on the Triple C diet, cigarettes, coke and coffee!
We cannot wake up alone of course it’s intrinsically a mystery!
High Definition, Path of Discovery ~ with every new step.
In the Sacred valley of Piss ~ the bridge was underwater.
Feeling they Hi-jacked common sense how does something evolve?
“My role in life is to awaken their divine female principle energy in as
many as need to be woken” He said “I know you Microdot Central”
“I’ve never taken it like that” ~ “And I haven’t taken enough Acid!”
“We are the Revolution here” …. He carried the DMT Bible.
She knows people who know how to travel on that Cosmic trip.
Addicted to the BUZZ not a Quest, just happens in its own Space.
Stamps and Lines only for the gormless, boggled the 5% brain!
“Who knows the Saraswati mantra in case of a dire Emergency?”
Just being with the harmonious ~ with No/Mind (Non/attachment).
This aspect of Shakti ~ Illuminating all other aspects of Shakti!
Entry point into the Experience ~This is God Now ~ No Separation.
This is What they don’t want you to Know ~ It’s hidden by Religions.
They can read your eyes, sense neural pathways to your heart;
Auras not in the Mind. Their Bandit Chemist ~ He’s in the Band!
Age of Aquarius ~ worrying, Mother Earth’s having a Heart attack!
Solar flares, layers of Love ~ plasma around in each of our cells.
Subliminally It’s this Fear of Separation ~ from the Divine Bliss,
for everything IS already NOW ~ what Jesus felt in the Space!
Just the nature of duality ~ however you dream it & beyond.
He’s describing ~ ‘that that’ ~ Decalcifying Pineal glands.
A devotee of Shakti to be the light of Cosmic creation.
Oneness again through funky Orgasm.
“Everything is absolutely taken care of ~
All this Love that I know that I am”
‘This Love Is Unconditional’