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Feel the Feeling

Feel the Feeling

 Isis’ Cupid
Talisman evoking meaning “Wasn’t it clear from the start?”
“Allowance, appreciation, it didn’t have the DNA to break out!
Now the curtains are Open, I can see everything” ~ Divineingness.
Good deeds, considerate to people, smiling, beauty in your face.
Don’t follow me and question it all ~ Feel what resonates in Yourself.
An Avatar doing the symbology & Astrology by her Yoni’s light.
A runner meditating, 200 miles in a trance to the next Temple.
“I was the only Tibetan in Manchester that time”
“I paid for a return ticket and where’s the bus!?
Lobsang Ray shining at the Potala
“Is it very visual?” ~ “Very Happy!”