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Feeling * Healing

Feeling * Healing

Into a deep feisty ornate fertile hard drive
New Alien Guidance; Why didn’t you say, what do you want?
Pixieing on the land, buzzing around. You ever been happy?
Where’s honour & respect & Love? Experiencing a few things
together, that neither of you know ~ many revealing moments.
They want to Open your body all the time. Don’t put me there!
You’re here to have your experience of your self development;
Not conditionings of your mother, Hi Ho that’s her experience.
We’ve each got our own movie runnin, how’s your funny drama?
Learning together, fuck it off, have to Observe your whole self.
A belief is only a thought you keep thinking ‘cause you believe it
Get it into your river of Peace ~ sparkling on Crystalline shores.
Comin’ on ether ~ conscious time to let loose the creative juice.
You are what you think and can BECOME that in the stream.
Why didn’t they tell me that when I was younger? Which ~
Matrix do you want? Magic, true alchemy, nobody said a word.
Now we’re all focused on Peace, Love, Compassion, Equanimity.
Dancing in a land of harmonic convergence, pleased I am here.
More you live it like that less crazy ones come into your World.
Lost all Judgment ~ bollocks that someone could be dictating it.
A belief is only a thought you think so let’s have that as a belief!
Healings on all kinds of Levels ~ You have choice.