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Love and Happiness ~ can't get better than that!

Love and Happiness ~ can’t get better than that!

Inner Nature
Emotion: ‘A strong Instinctive feeling ~
an involuntary wave of such feeling, a stirring of
one’s inner nature by a mood, circumstance, or passion’
The foreigners in the new Fort, Colonising all our people!
Destroying, exploiting the Jungles, enslaving gentle souls.
Before lulling yourself to sleep, cool romance ~ crystal blue destiny.
Loveliest of all forest Palaces existing as your hallucinations ~ today.
We lived in such a beautiful, rich environment until you Conquered us!
Our people shared encouragement, we were extremely warm hearted ~
devout in friendship. There’s a reason for everything, even nightmares!
For hundreds of years you from a land of dark fears have subjugated us.
You took away our heart and soul, our joy and happiness in your cargo.
For your own treasure, your self righteousness, you tortured our minds.
You came with no respect for humanity only grief for our Mother nature.