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Melting in the Oneness * Free will process as Creator

Melting in the Oneness * Free will process as Creator

‘In her eyes’
“We come from another Star ~ we are the Resident Aliens here!”
Came of our free will to live in this density. It’s y/our Creation
don’t have to look for the outcome ~ Stay in your Truth, live it!
Everyone is allowed to be different no right or wrong judgment.
It’s just You and we find ourselves and see the dramas we make,
carry around. See it as a Process ~ becoming in the Sensitivity.
To have it not run away from it, no one to judge you; Only you.
Andromeda’s knocked out all the Nuclear, fell into its frequencies
They want your Free will ~ to channel us light to save the Planet.
Some like healing with colour & sound waves of the White Dragons.
You have to ask for it, ‘Please, please, Missiles disintegrate, Amen!’
They’re cleaning up ~ Chemical vapour trails, for the last 20 years.
Others are transforming energy into Plasma balls on Aquarius ~.
At the last census sixteen cities are on the dark side of the Moon.
Time is non linear ~ allow yourself to dream and Thank You’
Letting your ‘Imagination’ run through your creative potential.