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Solar Photon Light

Solar Photon Light

In* Dia
~Why in the so called largest democracy
in this World are there so many, many CAPITALISTS,
big greedy Capitalists, medium Capitalists and
lots of little Capitalists, on their way?
Why in a so called land of Spirit ~
is there so little free will and respect?
Why must families live on 6 sq. ft.
of pavement, on a busy boulevard
in India’s largest Capitalist Centre?
Why India do you allow your husbands,
sons, and brothers to gain by robbing
the Capitalist way, Why do you let them
rob you so you hide your heart?
Is it right that old men should run
with horses all day in order
for the spoilt children of the rich
to squeal with delight in the sun?
India, India. India, can there be
any love left in your soul
or did it all go into making coal
for the Barons at your inner circle
and cruel exploiters so numerous?
Why, Why, India
do you let your people be so poor
and smile and grin and be so fat
in smug conceit with your dominion?
You have no sense of shame or feeling
of disgrace instead you laugh,
the jokes on them, the human race!
Within your feudal myth full mind you feel
it’s they who owe you a deal and let the feeble World think
that you have some rightful excuse ~ that being so Holy
it could not be otherwise. Don’t make me laugh, India