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It's not unusual to be Implanted by anyone

It’s not unusual to be Implanted by anyone

“Tell them in the kitchen to make less of a racket!”
The Rich don’t Need this Work embedded Program.
Out of this System as they can afford to be …Free!
He has the chance to be out and live a simpler life but
he doesn’t want it. Needs the money, security, Identity!
Some have a nice life but committed to the JOB or fired!
Don’t fancy the FEAR of the Unknown mate; a big Taboo.
Resistance to any change ~ something New from the brain,
left side needs rational, logic, order for it to function correctly
under the direction of dualities, educated values, national bias.
Who told you to do that, who’s your Commanding Officer mate?
The whole realm of your understanding, consciousness is SET;
Unusual deviations will be appropriately and strongly dealt with!
Never got round to thinking if my Imagination had any Realness.
Oh he’s a crazy artist, gifted musician, mad intelligent person but
where did it come from and why am I a character in outer space?
I am such and such a Model in this Anthropologic Rubik cubensis.
What is Original, the essence, who Am I, my Spirit, is it Illusion,
upon illusion, a labyrinth of Egos, 1984 dystopia, a holier book,
direction to a paradise by way of a Semtex abomination on You!
What is desire, what is Love; Am I just a widget paying VATaxes
to a hierarchy of Superior Souls? No * & You are Cosmic energy.