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Forever in Forever's Stream

Forever in Forever’s Stream

 Imbued with Love
“Understand how Cruel people are by nature!” Stony faced.
All got a cross in their gardens but they’ll all piss in front of it.
Conversion >“There’s only One coming down and it’s Love!”
‘A gang rape in Delhi on a moving bus in broad daylight’
The Capital of India ~ made into a joke of Law & Order!
Stripped naked, dumped on the road ~ A gang did that.
Another Date rape, with these pills she’ll never remember!
No problem you can buy them down at the local Pharmacy!
Yet they wont let her have a cell phone in Orissa
for her own protection; There’s wolves all over!
Haryana girls burnt by their in-laws for the dowry!
Violated girls in Punjab made to marry their Rapist!
‘Freedom for a woman to be safe and to be herself!’