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Fussy 'bout my Honey ~ Keeping the Love forever

Fussy ’bout my Honey ~ Keeping the Love forever

“I don’t see anything that’s Not Cosmic”
I got 9.16gb of memory * of photos & videos of You & me but
it’s not at all the same as touching you and feeling Love for you
& Your Love for me * which is as warm Sunshine filling my heart
from one of your sweet radiant smiles or soft, passionate kisses.
Where is your sweetly tight arse on my radar? I want to penetrate it,
fill it with divine honey. I want to suck out your hot sticky nectar ~
saturating me with your steamy orgasmic juices is a sublime feeling.
I want to feel it lusciously fecund ~ dripping down your deliciously
soaking wet pudenda. I want those glistening sparkles in your eyes
of adoring anticipation.