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Whistleblowing ~ the Truth will Set Us All Free

Whistleblowing ~ the Truth will Set Us All Free

How is it for a 600 year old Pear Tree!
A Harsh Spotlight, disguising the Truth
But they’ve got Sharp ‘Get Out’ Claws, as usual –
for a Whistle blower on a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ Card.
Concocted, compelling lies that decimated, ruined,
His Altar ego, would be totally exonerated, Pulling Strings,
this Hard line neo conservative Svengali
A blonde bombshell arrived with a sweet Senegally.
Made to testify under oath, or be Outed; She pouted
Twisting her sexy chignon and ‘War Intelligence’ file,
blown apart his cover as flawed seminarian of eminence
In this light, against the Pentagon, damning evidence.
Conflicting interests Can’t Justify an Invasion of Iran etc
Plugged Into – Primal Instincts, No more Sham ~ Pain.
Do flamingos in Cuba know realise they’re communists?
They’re just living it naturally with no ‘Id Identifications
Been that like since forever in cosmic fields and streams.
They have no need to assess the damage, marriage vows,
marriage woes, breakdowns in Communication “Hallo”
Free Control! Wants to be Real; the Subliminal of Prime
Elysian *Time ~ What’s the State of Highest Perfection?