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Freeing the Mind ~ Getting the Sensations

Freeing the Mind ~ Getting the Sensations

Hot Russian Hair
just needed some TLC Quality
from Venus of Awareness’ deep kissing
Happy New Year of Open Heart Free Mind
It’s about Consciousness Not Control ~
“Doesn’t mean Out of Control, delicious Olga”
‘Mindless’ ‘No MIND’ ‘Mindfulness’ Mirror
All containing Humanity, tolerance, patience, charity,
compassion, loving Kindness, equanimity, joy
Are we talking about the same thing?
A wind up of Mind, reeling me in like a kipper!
It’s absolutely thumpin’ ~ so pleased to be here
“It makes complete sense, Because it’s the Truth!”
Are you living your Truth, to enjoy to enjoy ~
Light centre you can’t beat that, saw it so sweet,
As soon as you put Resistance, You’ve got Problems
~ with the Invasive Monkey Mind