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Be Happy Space Bliss

Be Happy Space Bliss

 Hot Blessings on Rue Paradise
“You go India, everywhere people dead lying next to the road!”
In the net surrounded by Tarantulas, getting rid of extra Toxins.
I don’t know what that was ~ Psychic Trance is my language.
Chillin’ with an amazing Angel crowd you wouldn’t believe!
In the Tantric Temple ~ equality happening of its own accord.
‘Women Are Love’ ~ for Men to admire & to reflect!
If we see the Love in them we give it back to them;
All Lovers unfolding Communication: It feels great it is great!
Structure & destruction ~ Shiva*Shakti Is our unique tuning.
We let that make an impression on us ~ live it out of Creation
by itself ~ throwing the pictures from your bliss soul.
Living Freedom, 100000 petalled Lotuses ~ in bloom