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Life ~ Love ~ Light

Life ~ Love ~ Light

Her favourite Yatra
Success depended on Aphrodite.
Had done her sweet work
Magic potion of protection
Seeing What it is for ourselves! Oracles in coracles
See its limits, sense, know it, intuition beyond it ~
Sacred lakes & Vision Quests
For Psychical self perception, temple of telepathy,
reflection of a metaphor of the Mind.
Clear concentration allows you to witness it
your own Mind’s capacities and dark pits
Killing people without thinking, no realisation.
Achieves his quest only with the help of a divine woman
An Inward voyage ~ An Initiation
We don’t know when we’ll die, only here & now ~
Women of lemony Lemnos, string their bows & arrows.
If the prospect pleases you, please come to our beds.
A Place where these Lemming women received them.
Lord of the Earth Spirits, saw a King Cobra.
Chemical Henry barred from service.
She ended up as the Lotus in the Gita
Life of lovely Young Sita ~
beautiful, it’s psychoactive, let them have it.
Force these masses of thugs-
jumping into Amrit ~ Splash!
Amazingly beautiful cave with a view
100% natural where nobody else is.
I believe in the Impossible ~
“If you want it perfect, get a Print”
(Not easy taking the) Meaningless, effortless, desire
less (In this Life of) Materialist World
& I’m a freak