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The Ocean makes ~ your Mind disappear

The Ocean makes ~ your Mind disappear

  ‘Happiness * Nirvana’
“I’ve had enough Suffering ~
Framing of Space ~ not the Colonnades, the Obelisks, the Temples
Subject ‘s deluded by the material Objects not the essential Space ~
In this Space is the Pure * Consciousness ~ energy that never dies!
“Your not praying for one or the other, you’re looking for the door”
“Maybe they Hallucinated it ~ they see what they want to see”
A lot believe the voices in their head is God talking to them ~
It’s their Own Mind talking ~ “None of it is Real”
“You’re seeing the 7 dimensional thing in your brain
You haven’t gone anywhere ~ It’s in your own cells,
Purple energetic fields, Yellow auras of the Sun.
What Spirits are you talkin’ bout, it’s in your own head.
The blue white Angel or Hell?
They’re sacrificing humans ~ what you tryin’ to say!
Do you really wanna be a Mayan High Priestess?
Psychopathic Drugs, cutting beating hearts out of people ~
‘You’re a Flip Out!’