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If it makes your Heart sing

If it makes your Heart sing

‘All of the Parables’ ~ ‘All in One’
Unconditional Love where we all come from where we all go to.
In expressing a natural given order ~ giving it a contact Point.
If you’ve found Your Self ~ you don’t have to find anything else.
You are OMNIpresent, OMNI potential, OMNI in living it out ~
These 3 energies & Metatron ~ bringing together all Star seeds.
All kinds of different impulses allowing everyone to Shine it out.
Diamonds in them, who we are, fulfillment of Christ conscious.
Living it ALL ~ another step and it multiplies by experiencing it.
Giving it from the heart becomes the Creativity of a New World
which has to be put out by us ~ by the Spirits living through us.
In being It ~ Allowing it to be ~ Cosmic frequency