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Muslim Feng Shui ~ Psychedelic Saris ~ Cosmic mirrors

Muslim Feng Shui ~ Psychedelic Saris ~ Cosmic mirrors

Frequency Choice!
Having a democracy but not doing what the people want. Why?
Earth has many extremes of Life, Barbarity to a happy hippy.
Giving energy to water molecules spinning with Life force.
‘He couldn’t resist’, Sacred ~ Imprint, is a tree is a tree is we.
“What could be better than a girl being in Love and FREE?”
Crystals’ Information growing in the heart. Ask a Wahabi!
Performance Art ~ begging! A nice landlord not a greedy man.
“Be nice to your Slaves” Angry synchronicity in the bluest sea.
You’re projecting it from Inside yourself onto psychedelic reefs.
16 bars and the best of the drop, higher states of Consciousness.
What am I, what am I doing, what happened, what’s goin’ on?
She’s the brightest side of the dark side of the funky Luna fairy.
Entering a ‘Theatre of War’ ~ or try a Love Circuit to reality?
Beyond time ~ throwing Lotus petals to one another happily.
Permeating Satsang Shanti