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Frequencies of the Sun
The Living Proof, ‘A Living Legend’
We’re all Babes in the eyes of the Universe.
Partying since the Stone age.
The Bad old days, burning
Eve at the Stake; Chopped off another Consort’s noggin.
No goin’ back, it’s all within
‘Noblesse Oblige’~
‘Privilege entails Responsibility’ oh yeah!
An Ethiopian on the Ether Net setting up deals for a ‘Coffle’~
Train of beasts, slaves fastened together. Oh yeah, too true!
Everyone can be who he wants ~ Accepting Happiness.
Not Guilty for feelings of having Fun, fancy free.
Detached self, so no problem no victim, easy ~
Lights up like a big glowworm in heat.
Losing your rights, what do you know?
Leave it to the Universe ~
Chimps in trees with tomahawks; Now I know the ropes!
How to see with your Heart * more & more feeling
Open * Portal for the docking Soul
To Receive ~ All Information