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In the moment ~ feeling your heart ~ Stops the mind thinking ~ being Space

In the moment ~ feeling your heart ~ Stops the mind thinking ~ being Space

Flash Light
I didn’t know I could go still deeper!
A decision is being made ~
Where are you from?
I live from the heart.
On the veranda of Creativity ~
Not fully Programmed ~ for the exploitive System
How to know even where to begin to believe ~
harmonious dimensions Living in the moment
Living from the heart
De Program ~ Attitude
Open a door then,
Opening a Bigger door ~
Living from the Spirit
Living here now, You never Know what’s coming next,
the final moment ~ will be a natural part of the flow,
relax and be happy
trusting the wholeness ~ Where I feel I belong
In Common, Union ~ us healing
Collaboration Not Competition
The Fear Programming stops people trusting ~ Why?
seeing the truth ~ Is it a conspiracy or Ignorance?
Do You believe your mind is Sane, Insane
or it don’t really matter
Observing your bodily sensations equanimously ~
the Seed ~ He’s A Spirit Predestined to the Core
Get rid of those voices, You’ve given yourself to ~
Sensitive ~ Relative Yeah
Always “Divinely Done”
function of what the Mind Really Is
‘Many are called few are chosen’
Awareness Not Denial ~
Renew the Reprogramming ~ With Love
A suit of armor with a Mind!
every thought captive in Obedience
like the lilies of the field purify
REPROGRAM the Mind with Love
seed on rocky ground?
Experience The Spirit human
The Spirit Man The Spirit Woman The Spirit children,
The King ~ Monkey Mind
‘LOVE’ In its proper perspective ~ perfect ~ a master
Free of Bondage You Are The Spirit Of The Creativity
The Magic of Children Smiling heart
‘ecstasy’ ~ to be in tune ~
All together Love energy
Angels being Angels
perfect in there ~