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It's very Loving ~ Enlightenment ~ Spontaneous Volition

It’s very Loving ~ Enlightenment ~ Spontaneous Volition

Behind the story, behind the theory beyond their glory.
Envisaging the Mind for what it is, its Characteristics.
what I then am, a man, wombman, conscious beingness
‘Seeing the Mountain from the distance’ * the Lotus.
‘the fairest of them all’ is about to change ~ Unfolding.
A powerful Frenzy > My Mind its Self perpetuating
Feeding itself on itself >>survival Instincts of aeons.
Needs Mind/ body, to do the blind reacting of thoughts,
Biochemical, electro* magnetically sustenance force.
Any thought you want & innumerable never imagined.
Changing every instant generating alternating current ~
Keeps feeding the conscious energy Quantum life stream.
Ego’s volition feeding ~ what’s it mean
Be your self completely
India ~ ‘Goa Lite’
Goa Smiles ~ every day’s hippie happy