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A Lotus unfolding in your Heart

A Lotus unfolding in your Heart

Dutch girls riding bikes
I’ve been holding on to this image that I couldn’t ever let go.
Too precious, couldn’t imagine letting contentment flow ~ off!
I like it, I love it, I want to keep it, never wanna lose that vibe!
Full Passionate addiction, squirt me another endorphin fix ~
from your delicious, lascivious spirit’s mix of intoxicating delights
desires and raging fires for my Mind to conjure up and recreate!
But it’s all been a very beautiful and tragic delusional dream ~
Next one is different; I seem to be in another place of the Spiral.
You have to let it go because there’s nothing left to hold onto but
her ghost. There comes that moment in time, it’s changed, Gone!
Have to let it go, she’s fucked off. Holding on is what she’s left you
at most! It’s impossible to carry on, change has naturally come to
set me, to set us free, to be at peace, releasing the addict, finding
a new reality of higher consciousness & Unconditional Love Space!
Great now take it easy, get your senses back
and tune into the blossoming Lotus heart.