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I Let the Universe Do It

I Let the Universe Do It

Don Quixotic vision of a marvelous Impulse
Always Keep high no abusing if using
Boggling the Mind ~
Boggling the Crown Chakra
My entry into the Universe
through your Venus Yoni ~
My entry to the nature through my Spirit
My entry to the Cosmos through my 3rd eye.
Surprise interstellar sunrise, Mind Concept
Getting close up, keep it sweet lustful Satyr.
From the depths of Aphrodite’s magic grottoes,
she is the creatrice, arriving on the plane from Moscow.
“Never use Programmed words as has been said before,
no more psychological manipulations or power games.
Let the Inspiration keep your spirit free and loving ~
dissolving moulds, realising the intentions, feeling space.
4th dimensional Heart calling, found what I was looking for ~
Synchronically tuned into the Ocean morning breeze.
In your hair, in your mouth ~ every moment