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On Air

On Air

Diggeridoo 575
heal, clear ~ the light field
harmony + ve loving energy
From out of the brain, food ~ Oxygen
Using Vibrations ~ breath and light energy
healing the grosser body
clearing the <> brain hemispheres
in harmony, chakras open up
connecting to the Divine
Being Aware of the Divine in You
Being Centred ~ Orgasmics, blood rush
smiling self ~ endorphine production
easiest way to go out, Full Power
to the Hardest lesson
Your body sensations are the Ultimate
Only You at the End ~
you are your spirit
you and your Self ~ Awareness
you are your spirit consciousness
crying or dying or flying
Without you ~
the Hardest lesson,
letting go ~ went out of my Mind!
Found my true ~ being feeling flowing freely!
The hard lesson
but here I am finally
know yourself ~ Know your True self
giving Love energy
living and feelings ~
deep from the heart
healing Peacefullness and happiness smiles