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There's a drop here ~ If you want one

There’s a drop here ~ If you want one

 Cosmic 3 in 1 Khush (happiness)
‘Long blonde hair, high heels, no knickers, delicious, gorgeous’
‘They’re not gonna come and stick a shotgun up your f….arse!’
If you are movin’ everything’s easy; fixed, they put chains on you.
They have to realize whatever they’ve lived through, laugh it up.
Happening through frequency you’ll fall in Unconditional love.
1 2 3 makes 4^ Pyramid ~ Manifestation in the Mayan calendar.
Flowing down the river with the Hell’s angels!
“We’re all innocent children in the soul of God”
Violet, silver ~ golden flames of purification.
She’s platinum blonde, Crystal from Minsk.
Zero is the happening * Sat Chit Ananda *