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Life * Love * Light

Life * Love * Light

Cooing Privy Confabulations
Pilgrim’s Progress and Regress
The Happiest Day of Her Life
Sun shone brightly on black Cypress trees
raising up with essential, natural energies
Sorry she had deceived him, too Painful to remember
She adored and worshipped the wildflower meadows
Misconstrued the ‘Word’ in Genesis just ‘Emptiness’,
Source of formless, nameless, Boundless, timelessness ~
No grounds for suspicion, glow, grow and flow as snow,
It is as it is nothing else, more or less but Ego Projection
Touch the source, the root, A Projector of sparking light that we
become attached to and Create our Stories of life ~
We marry in hope, she trusted him like cosmic rhythms ~
How is a Papist related to Earth more than a Paphian?
They’re not, it’s ridiculous church Archaic holy Schisms.
A papoose is cherished equally as a panoply of pappus
Let’s embrace life like, Spontaneously
All True to Life ~