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We are the Love in the Space between the Stars

We are the Love in the Space between the Stars

Connection – Life is a dance ~ If you left it be
We dance close, intuitively & sometimes far apart.
Just following your Mind, body to the heart.
It’s lovely sitting ~ In the Sun ~ Worshipping.
Great Central Solar source….which is everything.
Gives unconditional love, non judgment, life force.
It is the Abundance ~ is light is love.
The heart flame ~ of all that is ~ Unconditional Love.
Just gives and gives, gives and gives forever & forever.
Our inheritance to be in the joy, in the bliss.
I love it all, I love it all. Loving is an essential part of it all.
Love trance n dance ~ to stay in love with everything.
“I love you” ~ “I LOVE IT ALL” ~ Sacred Marriage.
We are the love, so be it ~
Evolution of love I believe it, they live it.
It’s a needy love draining your cup
if you haven’t the joy of joy.
Here to experience it, ready, it’s staying in love with it all,
having that enhanced grounded harmony ~ free of gravity.