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Moksha Motel

Moksha Motel

 ‘Confession ~ Compassion’
The Party at the end of time ~ still a little hippy at heart.
“I am a good girl ~ wanna be a bad girl in Chapora”
He was hallucinating Hanuman ~ Which Reality Is Real?
MDMA pancakes, Acid rocking horses, One Big Pill!
“But Red Riding Hood killed the wolf, in the fairy story!”
Making furniture you can carry with you in one hand;
Going to the top of a mountain. Living to EXCESS ~
Five senses trembling on the Plateau. He can feel the beat.
She Is An Archangel ~ I fell in Love with a beautiful deaf girl
With a Cocaine Monster, the demon was a fucking badger!
“Come I’ve got you, You can’t say No to me” Powder Face.
Heavy Masks dripping with iridescent diamonds.
What more do you want ~ never satisfied!
Victims of a ‘Head on a stick’ energy!
Too relaxed ~ fell out the hammock!