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Global Tribal ~ Astral Eternal

Global Tribal ~ Astral Eternal

Cold Diamond Ego
He’s in charge, ‘the Man’ A poor Zealot.
Can hear the Taliban in the Bamyan valley!
He Loves to be Unconscious, Consummated
Riding to Victory; Needs to chop his head off!
Had a nervous breakdown; Waiting for you to come.
Instinct Straight to the Point; How is his heart?
“Hitler would pat her hair, a platonic relationship!”
“You’re choking me!” “I just love you”
What’s your feeling at the end of the day?
Life & death kisses
Troika in Cosmique Chanel
How you can free flow ~
with lots of money, with lots of honey
getting in fine tune ~ with My Self
Adjusting the frequencies
Maybe we always had it ~
just developed it ~ whatever is.
Hanuman’s Cosmic number
Reincarnation of Rama & Sita
Shiva Parvati, Vishnu Laxmi
Step into that moment ~
What is meant to be
Will happen “No more Control”
lapping into pools of Sertonin.
Tribal, on a Planet out in Space
everyone gone, back to Earth.
Sometimes things are better forgotten
at some level going with the Stars
Between Immense Oceans of extremes
Forgetting it or Remembering it, dreams.
Why Any of It?
be in the Moment