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Giving and Taking from the Heart

Giving and Taking from the Heart

Bottom Line
The Earth ~ grounded
The sky ~ flying high
keeping a balance
of which Perceptions
levels of reality, feelings
Sensations ~ Loving energy
that we are Experiencing
Living from the heart
causes and effects
awareness and karma
and Bigger karma
Which is the Life you are Living
Which is the Life you are Giving
Getting some Insight
Into our behaviour
why things happen
why I ~ others do things
In a certain way or not ‘UNDERSTANDING’
Where is the Spirit in All of this?
Does any of it make any Sense and what to do about it
Bottom line ~ Realise who you are
The patterns of your actions
Is it acceptable behaviour Why? What are the Consequences?
Living from the heart, here and now
Embrace the + ve loving energy in you to be happy, healthy,
Open, human, tolerant
relate ~ the Inspiration Giving and Receiving
as simple as that, don’t worry deep healing being ~
who I really am with a heart of Loving Kindness
very simple basis of our reality