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You gotta look at that Samsara ~ It'll blow your Mind!!

You gotta look at that Samsara ~ It’ll blow your Mind!!

Bodh Gaya, late spring 528 BC
Becomes perfectly human, not reacting liberating himself.
Modulated into his 1st Jhana under a shaded Banyan tree.
His ‘Yathabhuta’ his Awakening. Free from ‘Samsara’
Took a rest at the 3 stations, Sila, Samadhi, Panna
‘Things as they Really are’ Dhamma par excellence
‘Atra’ ~ With the Insight of Peace and fulfillment
Elucidated fundamentals governing ~ Life of the Cosmos.
Seeing it & Knowing it through experiences & searching
for the Truth ~ be HAPPY in Yourself Energetically ~
Does it really work? “This is what I’ve got to work with,
Spirit of total Self abandonment; It makes perfect sense