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Generosite Realite Clarite Infinite Verite Liberte Egalite Fraternite

Generosite Realite Clarite Infinite Verite Liberte Egalite Fraternite

Astral ‘Padmophul’ Petals
Perceptual perpetual floating in a golden lily pond
Finite body/mind: Immersion into Infinite formlessness
Saw you in a dream>*< met you in a long lovely poem.
Enlightenment Transcendence Liberation
of the memory, Ego, form, conditioned identity, Patterns>
Free of Your Mind, limits, Pain, into limitless Cosmic reign
Formlessness & its ‘Omkar’ beingness silence all around
Free of concepts of a Planet; ‘Reality’ of ‘Mother Earth’.
‘Nature’ as the ever ~ changing everlasting energy
Stream of Consciousness ~ being * growing in a daisy
Don’t get caught up in the ‘Material’ delusion, Illusion of it.
Somehow being the most Real ~ Realise the boundless Forest.
Now how to do that? In the midst of Maelstroms in the trees ~
gusting Tantric thrusts of your desire * Just to be ~ to be frees
Expression of it in my art; Feelin it in my sub * atomic heart ~
Let the body go > as rocket boosters falling away in free flight
Even with dyspraxia, yes amazing to have this Full realisation.
“Senility wasted on most people” put into ‘Cosmic Conscious’
Lost the Yangste Dolphin today ‘Extinct’ gone forever, where?
No more Karma ~ Became part of the Universal Ocean ~ now
Fighting with your mother’s cancer, its existence, frequency ~
Realise your own true ‘beingness’ & her Infinite Spiritualness
let the big Attachments go ~ knowing we’re all Radiant flow ~
There are innumerable disorders on this Earth to suffer or not
Naturally & those Conditioned; Ignorance, Karma. mid pages
show lists of ‘WHO ICD -10 Mental & behavioural disorders’
People around us are living with these, knowing & unknowing
Affecting each of us in our ‘Environment’~ our Relationships.
We can’t control it all! It’s happening; Being Conscious of it,
empathise put it into perspective. Whatever happens we are all part
of a greater Cosmic boundless consciousness. Accept that
Let it go, know the body is not your deeper essence being
~ flow