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You can't argue with frequency ~ It Is As It Is

You can’t argue with frequency ~ It Is As It Is

As It Is
‘Aborigines singing the World into being’
‘On our deepest level we share our dreams’
I’ve done my Rain thing ~ It’s as good as it gets
‘I live my Jupiter, in surreal domestic bliss’
I make my own shit happen, trained as horses to obey!
Why wouldn’t you want to be in the moment?
In the now? “She’s really in a mess!”
‘Happy belly happy Mind’
‘Everyone be happy’
I like my Open eyes Open.
Awareness of addicts, somewhere to get a fix.
“I’m well here” “What you wearin?’
There is no time ~ Therefore what is memory?
At the Psilocybin gates of Quantum Faith
Outside a Temple, in the city of……..
No Conditioning, No False memories, No Greed.
In the Zero Point field ~ in this moment