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Live justly so that others may just live

Live justly so that others may just live

Arriving ‘Never Too Late’ ~ Just in Time.
Best Wishes for A Cosmic Revolution
What to do?
Smoke a joint and be happy
Energetic world 5th dimension, just the thought.
It’s not how much it’s the frequency, the beauty.
A molecular emissions scanner of a Fortune Teller
Reverse Inorganic to organic not ‘Inheritance of Loss’
“May you be blessed with 10,000 sons”
We don’t see it anymore as it’s so obvious!
Matrix the duality trip ~ giving yourself (a sense of) structure
Blocking the Kundalini ~ Just live the multi *dimensionality
On a Higher feeling Never break into a relationship.
That you are the reincarnation of DNA spiraling
Human beings not human doers.
Every crystal will go ‘Bang!’