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The Light is Free

The Light is Free

And Jewels
Kneeling at the Temple of Eanna * In her House of Heaven.
“The Ocean makes your Mind disappear”
Mountains help you meditate, embrace you in their arms.
Helps reflection in the structure ~ her tongue of arousal!
Then there are flowers in their eyes.
She had Lotuses growing in her heart.
A flow in your head ~ the flow is
Unconditional Love.
You are it already ~
Falling thru a Star Gate
of Compassion & Mercy
to the things one did
And let it all go ~ Can’t lie to your self! Having the Revelation.
Your Mind is creating this whole spectacle to hook you into it.
Allowing being free ~ Not of Control, Fear, Hate & Hegemony.
“Burn everything in me that is not for the best of me & others”
“The Ocean makes your Mind disappear”
She smells as an Angel smells.
Light is Love is Life.